The Crypto Guide

The ultimate Bitcoin guide for beginners. Everything you need to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. Discover our top picks now! Order here for just €9.99


Why this beginner's guide into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

The Crypto Guide is exactly what you need to get started with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to introduce people to the world of cryptocurrencies. This guide explains Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it (Blockchain Technology) in a detailed way. What are the advantages offered by this new technology? 

After reading this guide you will know all the ins and outs of investing in cryptocurrencies.

the crypto guide

All you need to know about Cryptocurrencies in one guide

Block Venture

Introduction into Cryptocurrencies

This guide features a detailed introduction into Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it: Blockchain Technology.

In depth analysis of the top coins

All of the top coins will be introduced and thoroughly explained. What do the projects excel at? What will they be used for?

How to buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

We will show you how to buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a detailed step-by-step plan.

Doing Research

All the information you need to find the best projects in the cryptospace is covered in our guide.

How to store your coins safely

We will go over all the different ways of storing your coins. Coins aren't safe on an exchange, but how do you store them?

A complete guide into investing

The Crypto Guide will give you all the information you need to be a succesful investor.

  • Where did it all start? 
  • Why should you invest?
  • The best investment strategies
  • ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • Market behaviour; When to buy and when to sell
  • Our top picks

Why should you invest?

There has been a lot of news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lately. They have grown a lot in use and value. Why? 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow anyone in the world with internet access to enter the financial system. It offers major improvements to the usability and access of the global financial system and does so at very low costs. Most cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, meaning there is a limit to the amount in existence. This allows for use as a great store of value. In contrast to the dollar or the euro, no more can be printed.

the authors
Ingmar van der Lucht

Ingmar van der Lucht


BSc. Involved and invested in cryptocurrencies since 2013. In 2013 Bitcoin and Blockchain technology grabbed my attention, since then I have been active researching the scene and educating new users.

Thijs Winkels

Thijs Winkels


Background in Financial Management. CEO of Winkels Finance & Beheer. Involved in cryptocurrencies since 2014. Mainly active in educating others about the potentials of blockchain technology and it's investment potential.

Invest in the future

Quote by hedge fund legend Mike Novogratz: 'Bitcoin could 'easily' reach $40,000 by the end of 2018'


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